Anonymous: you is talented you is kind you is beautiful

HAHAHAHA so cute ♥ thank you! you is very kind too ;)

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what happened today? I log in and there are messages and more than 550 notes on my edits! o_o i dont understand lol

dorkvatos: i miss you

LUCYYYYY I miss you tooooooo :( so much! ♥ hope you have a wonderful week, and sorry for being a dick of a friend. you are an amazing person. :*

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hey tumblr! :) how long.. 

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Hey guys :)) 

This is my cousin, Beatriz, and I. It’s a cover of Use Somebody, and we made it for fun. We never had any singing classes so it’s not meant to be perfect or anything.. just to have some fun :D and I thought I could share with you, lovelies ♥

Comments are always appreciated! ;)

keep the magic, and have a lovely day <3



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have you ever loved someone so much it actually hurts?..

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